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Alexander and Losh v.s Covino and Joliffe

Both of these readings argued the definition of rhetoric and its purpose in society, but did so in differing forms. The Alexander and Losh reading was in the format of a graphic novel, while the Covino and Joliffe reading was in a classic essay format. The Alexander and Losh reading used an illustrated example to show how rhetoric works in the forms of pathos, ethos, and logos, while What is Rhetoric provided various definitions of rhetoric and explained how the various elements of rhetoric factor into ethos, pathos, and logos. I believe the Alexander and Losh reading was written for a younger audience such as a high school English class, or possible a freshman college course. The Covino and Joliffe reading is much more dry and concrete, so I believe it was written for and older audience such as an English Professor. What does Aristotle have to do with Me probably appeared in a college newspaper or an online blog, while What is Rhetoric most likely taken out of a text that deals with the history of rhetoric. Personally I better understood the Alexander and Losh text because it gave an illustrated example and created a short and fun story for me to understand a seemingly dry topic like rhetoric. The example of a college student emailing his professor about missing class is also a relatable story that most college students have experienced, and it also provided a bit of humor that made it more enjoyable to read as opposed to the Covino and Joliffe reading. The Alexander and Losh reading appealed to the pathos of the reader, by utilizing humor and a relatable example to explain the function of rhetoric. This made me more interested in the text, because I was more emotionally invested. TheĀ What is RhetoricĀ appealed to the ethos and logos of the reader, which made the text seem dry and harder to read.

About Me

My name is Colin Sapienza, and I am a junior from Wheaton Illinois. In terms of my interests I have always had a passion for the stage, more specifically in the forms of acting and singing. I am currently a theater major involved in the a Capella group Just Duet here at Miami University, and I have participated in a number of plays and musicals in high school, as well as in college. Some of the productions include “Spring Awakening”, “Rent”, “Next to Normal”, and “Company”. I also have a love for writing short stories, and I can easily say my favorite course I have ever taken was a creative writing class I took my senior year of high school. I also am passionate about studying history, particularly the history of early British civilizations as well as the Roman Empire. (Since I’m Irish and Italian, I wanted to know more about these civilizations to discover more about my heritage.

One of the more defining moments of my college experience was having the opportunity to sing alongside Miami University’s Collegiate Chorale at Carnegie Hall in New York City, in which countless world renowned musicians have performed. In addition to chorale, Miami’s Men’s Glee Club, Orchestra, and Chamber Singers also represented the University, and I was proud to be apart of an historic event in Miami’s Musical Department.

A short story that I can say defines me as an individual was an event that took place when I was in the eighth grade. My grade school was putting on a production of Meredith Wilson’s “The Music Man”, and I was cast as the lead role of Harold Hill. On opening night during the song “Sadder but Wiser Girl”, the keyboard malfunctioned and my cast mate and I had to sing and dance to the whole song without music. I believe this event demonstrated my determination and “show-must-go-on mentality.” Although my scene partner and I were terrified at first, we powered through and ended up getting a standing ovation from an appreciative crowd.

In terms of future endeavors, I hope to peruse my dream of becoming a professional stage or film actor after school. However, I can also picture myself teaching high school English courses as well as introductory theater courses in the near future. In addiction to these courses, I would also enjoy directing a few high school theater productions so I can share my knowledge of theater with my students.