Video Project Proposal

For the past two projects, I have examined mostly the pros and cons of having digital tools in the classroom, and the possibility of these technological learning devices eventually making textbooks useless. For my video, I want to examine the other side of the coin, and make a case to try and “save” the textbook as a literary tool. I am not completely sure what I will include in the video, possibly some statistics and filmed interviews, but I know I want to personally interview some people and include their responses on why the textbook should never be taken from the classroom. I will utilize some inspirational music as well that will help propel the overall mood of my video. I also thought about writing a short skit about a student in the future who had never even seen a textbook, and then being introduced to one and exclaiming how much better of a learning tool it is. (Just some thoughts)


One thought on “Video Project Proposal”

  1. Are you thinking of this as a satirical, humorous piece or are you fervently trying to argue about the useful of non-digital text? I think there are many ways you could approach this, but you want to be sure that you have a clear action you’re trying to get your audience to take: save the books, for example, something specific you’re audience can do once persuaded by your video.


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