Audio Project Proposal

1. For my first approach, I would set up my audio project as an interview, using various audio clips from past interviews in which the people being interviewed were asked whether they believe digital tools could be helpful in the classroom, or whether they prefer more traditional literacy tools for learning or digital tools such as IPads or blogs.

2. The next approach I would take would be to combine more digital sounds with traditional ones. More specifically, including music with more traditional instruments such as the violin or piano, and combining it with new-age digital sounds such as new beats and electronic tones to signify which side the interviewers are supporting. (Digital tools in the classroom, or traditional ones.)

3. My third approach would be to include audio from news clips relying information on how digital tools are being used in the classroom, to give the listener some background to my focal topic. I would also want to explore how some news clips reflect the more traditional view of teaching, and perhaps the struggle some teachers face in incorporating digital tools in their classroom, and if a generation gap has anything to do with their problems.


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